The Wrong Guy – Romance Novel Book Cover

A book cover I did for an author friend, Pamela Santos. The book is entitled “The Wrong Guy” which can be purchased from Amazon (Click here to see the store)

The Children’s Prayer Flyer

A flyer for a musical show by Teatro Filipino kids.

R&J Jewelry

A Company profile for R&J Jewelry





Edwards Mailer

A mailer print file for Edwards Chilcare

Manzy Packaging Label

Manzy Packaging Label

Squeeze-C Ads

A series of ads for Squeeze-C

Wirewalkers VA Ebook

A series of Ebook covers for client Wirewalkers VA


A flyer design for Acumen

Acumen Golf Tournament Brochure

A brochure concept design for Acumen


A series of sticker label packaging for Squeeze-C juice drink.

Music Mind

A poster for Music Mind – band rehearsal studio

Luxor Linens Postcards

A series of postcards for Luxor Linens


A poster & sticker design for Yapak “I love this Place” Campaign

Yapak Magazine

A Magazine cover, inner page, and ad designs for Yapak Travel & Leisure Magazine


A Mobile Concept Design for Taylor made – golf equipments


A mobile concept design for Scion

Balikbayan Gear

A series of packaging design for Balikbayan gear


A set of tags and packaging for Lugmax

Lighthouse Magazine

A series of magazine cover design for Lighthouse Magazine.

Fido Friendly Magazine

A series of magazine cover, innerpages and ad design for Fido Friendly Magazine.


A Menu design for Batangas Hotel Pontefino


Packaging design for Corserv

Word of God

A CD and box cover for Corserv’s project, Word of God, Digital Bible

Corserv Brochures

A Series of brochures for Corserv

Corserv Ads

A set of brochures for client Corserv
(Hugle Technologies)

Hugle Technologies

A poster design concept for Hugle Technologies Inc.

Hugle Technologies

Brochure Design for Hugle Technologies, Inc.

Corserv ad

An advertisement for Corserv

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